Introduction to spirituology

Who am I?
The subject of this treatise is spirituology as described in the books 'Geestkunde' (Spirituology, 2010) and 'De Levensweg' (The path of life, Introduction to spirituology, 1991) by Freek van Leeuwen.
At first glance, spirituology seems to be something that is not of this world, but in the course of this discourse it will become apparent that, in fact, with spirituology we occupy ourselves with the great questions of life:

  • who am I,
  • where do I come from,
  • where am I going to and
  • how do I give meaning to this temporary existence?
The conscious, powerful force of life
This makes spirituology really part of something that can be experienced; albeit that it is an inner, spiritual reality; it is the reality of yourself as being a spirit in your own inner world: the conscious, powerful force of life, which now allows the meaning of these words, from this page onwards, to penetrate itself.
The meaning of this temporary, material existence is for man a mystery, that you have to resolve for yourself and it is for this reason that you ask yourself these questions of life.

The spiritual abilities
Because you yourself are the one who asks him- or herself these questions, you will, in order to answer them, begin with paying your attention on the first question, which is also the key question: who am I?
That means that we have to deal with self-knowledge, with the knowledge of the very essence of ourselves. That essential subject is: the human spirit as being the conscious, powerful force of life, who possesses the four spiritual abilities: especially the ability:

  • to observe the things around you,
  • to consider them within yourself by thinking
  • and feel through
  • and so to decide what you want to do with it.
In other words, we have to engage ourselves with spirituology, for spirituology is understood to be the study of the spirit, the self-knowledge as the knowledge of yourself as being the human spirit, the knowledge of the eternal being that you are yourself, the powerful force of life.
To be able to become who you are, you must first know who you are. To this end, the following topics are discussed in the field of spirituology, entirely from the spirit’s point of view:

  • the spirit as being the conscious force of life,
  • who possesses and uses the spiritual abilities and
  • who can thus experience a spiritual development with them,
  • which not only leads to self-realization, but also to
  • reunification with the divine, universal spirit, your spiritual origin.
Because the relation to your fellow men towards the outside (the extraverted attitude) and towards your spiritual origin within (the introverted attitude) is also part of spirituology.

Mental development and reunification
If you are going to apply spirituology to yourself - by transforming your abilities into conscience and virtues - then you will not only be able to develop yourself spiritually - what the meaning of your existence is - but therefore also improve your understanding with your fellow human beings and finally reunite with your spiritual origin; you will be able to reunite with your eternal source from which you, as being a human spirit, once emerged and to which you are on your way back again.
For there is one main road for man: the way back to our God, but life often takes a different course than man thinks for himself and there are also many side ways …

  • which in fact always just motivates man
  • to make choices by using his spiritual abilities
  • and thereby to grow to spiritual independence.
No belief, but description of experience
Spirituology stands separate from any belief or any system of thought, because it is not faith nor opinion, but a description of the human spirit and of the spiritual meaning of existence on earth; this description is based on personal spiritual observations and on a comparison of these with the spiritual experiences of others.
Every person who directs his or her attention inwards, can observe the described properties of the spirit - in the form of the activity of the spiritual abilities - directly within him- or herselve.
From yourself as being a human spirit you now can look again at this temporary existence and learn to see it in the light of eternity.
Spirituology is a description of the meaning of this temporary existence, entirely seen from the point of view of the spirit, the eternal life.
"If you keep doing [thinking], as you always did,
Then you will get, what you always got."
     Albert Einstein, German physicist

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