The summary of spirituology

  • It is the human spirit
  • that, while using his spiritual abilities
  • can go through a spiritual development
  • which leads not only to self-realization, but also
  • to reunion with the universal spirit, its spiritual origin.

1. Spirituology describes the spirit as being the conscious force of life, which in the spiritual world can be experienced as a spherical cloud of spiritual light and warmth.
These primal qualities are related to the mental abilities, by which the spirit is recognizable in this world: to perceive, to think, to feel and to want.

2. By the activity of these abilities in itself as being that spherical cloud of spiritual light and warmth, the spirit around itself forms a radiance: the egg-shaped soul (aura).
By developing the qualities of the abilities some parts of the soul gradually acquire the form of a human figure: the spirit form. The properties of that spirit form are expressed in the form of the fysical body on earth.

3. By using these abilities, one's own light and warmth, consciously and in a controlled manner, the spirit can become aware of itself, freeing itself from the inhibiting initial mental state of unconscious identification, thereby realizing its inner, spiritual independence...

4. and by self-reflection reunite itself with the spiritual origin, the divine, universal spirit, which is the source of one's own light and warmth;
but this must be seen in the light of eternity.

The human spirit is in very essence a 'universal spirit densification', a 'universal spirit spark' and in the sense of these words all these qualities are enclosed.

The main topics of spirituology
1 The spirit has four abilities: 2 the building-up of man as spirit, soul and body: 3 the spiritual development: 4 the reunification with the universal spirit,
to perceive, to think, to feel and to want
who can be intro- and extraverted.

By using the abilities, the spirit forms a radiance around it, which is the cause of (2)
the ovoid appearance of the spirit is the soul (aura);
by the attributes of the abilities the soul becomes part after part transformed into the spirit form,
who gives the human form to the body on earth.

A conscious and controlled use of the spiritual abilities leads to (3)
the awareness of the own unconscious identification with this existence, the attachment to it and the one-sidedness in the personality;
then to self-realization by striving for liberation from it;

and finally by self-reflection to (4)
the spirit of the universe, of spiritual light and spiritual warmth, which is omnipresent;

from this the human spirit originated by densification and lives in it as the spirit spark,
a spherical cloud of the same light and warmth.

Lovingly we are densified in God's spirit,
so God is lovingly in us.
We are therefore God's young god,
like Jesus God's son/daughter.
So let us love God above all
and our fellowmen as if they were ourselves.

Spirituology is not something new, it is a different form of ancient insights, as evidenced by the following texts; a small selection from the great spiritual wealth, that wise men have left to mankind ...

You will be holy,
for I, the Lord your God, am holy.
  Leviticus 19:1-2; 1 Peter 1:16
I once said: You are gods,
yea, all sons of the Most High.
  Psalms 82:6; John 10:34

By Jesus it becomes clear that you have to give up your former path of life
and the old man, who is destroyed by deceiving desires, must take off,
that your mind and your thinking should be constantly renewed
and that you must attract the new man who is created according to God's will
in true justice and holiness.
  Paul, Letter to the Ephesians, 4:22-24

Simeon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who have obtained as precious a faith as we have by the righteousness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:
Grace and peace be multiplied to you by the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. His divine power, after all, has endowed us with everything that lives and devours, by the knowledge of Him who called us by his glory and power;
By this we are endowed with precious and very great promises, that I may thereby partake of the divine nature, and escape the corruption that prevails in the world.
  2 Peter 1:1-4

For no one, even if he desires so, will ever be able to know God as he really is, neither Christ nor the Spirit, nor the angelic choir, nor the archangels and the thrones of spirits, and the lofty rulers and the Great Consciousness.
If you do not know yourself, you will not be able to know all of this. Open the door of yourself, to know the One-that-is. Beat yourself, so that the Word can unlock you.
  From the Doctrine of Sylvanus (Nag Hammadi Writings I)

I am and I know and I want.
I am knowing and willing.
I know that I am and want to.
I want to be and to know.
(In other words, I am aware and I am power of will: the spirit is a conscious force.)
  Augustine, Confessions, Book XIII, XI.12

God always strives to be with the human being and to teach him what is necessary for him.
Never has a person so desired for something as God desires.
He is always willing, we do not have time; God is near us, we are far from Him,
God is within us; we are outside; God is at home with us, we feel strangers.
  Master Eckehart (mystic, 1260-1328)

Do not call to God, the well is in yourself,
if you don't plug it, he will continue to give his water.
  Angelus Silesius (mystic, 1624-1677)
The only way to God ...
is a new mind.
  Jacob Boehme (mystic, 1575-1624)

The creation has an origin,
that is the mother of the world (Tao).
If you know the mother,
one knows the child (himself),
Who knows the child and adheres to the mother,
one is out of danger at the end of the body.

Closing ears and eyes, obstructing senses,
then, at the end of the body
one will be without worries.
Opening ears and eyes, and saving things,
then with the end of the body
one will be helpless.

Seeing the ethereal (Tao) is called being enlightened,
to keep meekness, is called to be strong.
Following the radiation (by self-reflexion)
to return to the light ...
in this way nothing is lost at the end of the body.
That is: being clothed with eternity.
  Lao tse - Tao teh tsjing  LII

That, what is ethereal, that is the Spirit of the whole world (Brahman, the Gentile). That is reality, that is the Atman (the human spirit). That are you.
  Tsjandogya upanishad, 6.8.7

... righteous and pious people, who have been brought into a certain spiritual fulfillment, in which they saw the spirit of God as a light, which filled all the spaces of infinity and where they observed that they were themselves part of that light.
All who received such grace testify that in this light they were thoroughly touched by an unspeakable sense of happiness and began to prophesy …
  Jakob Lorber, Great John Gospel, IV, page 366

(What Jesus says to his listeners there, I was allowed to experience: a god experience..)

I (Jesus) tell you: all outer, although it is still so pure in itself, kills; only the spirit has life and makes everything alive that it penetrates. You must therefore summarize my teachings very briefly and simply, as far as people generally need it.
And those who practice these teachings will also generate the spirit of God within themselves in the measure of their activity.
Do you now notice what a completely different way I want to show you with my teachings; a way in which one can gain access to all the wisdom of heaven in the shortest time, if one really wants to! With an inner, spiritual gaze he will learn more about the deepest origin than by reading ten hundred thousand years.
I am this way and the truth and the life! From now on you must become self-sufficient according to my teachings, then your soul will become more lively and lighter, and only then my spirit will enter into your soul and lead you in all wisdom.
  Jakob Lorber, Great John Gospel, V/124

The core of Spinoza's teachings:
There is a 'something' that exists entirely in itself, out of its own power and timelessly. This is the 'substance' (the 'support', the building material, the 'foundation'): the independent, God.
This substance is eternal (the universal spirit) and in this substance there are infinite attributes (properties, characteristics), although we humans only know two of them, the thinking and the extension (spirit and matter).
All individual things in all of the creation in which we live are 'changes' (ie, 'modes'), that is, finite, temporal and perishable revelations, expressions (forms, densifications) of the eternal, infinite deity (the universal spirit), in which everything exists, arises and again declines.
The human spirit is also a 'ray' (a spark, produced by densification from God) of God's spirit and our body a part of God's body (the physical creation).
By the consciousness and clear understanding of this unity, the spiritual love to God awakens, which is nothing else than the awakening of God Himself in our own spirit (the awakening of God himself in ourselves as being a spirit, which is a spark in the universal spirit); and only in this lies our salvation and bliss (self-realization and reunification).
Summary from his book Ethics.

I love my God above all ...
for like Jesus, I am God's son or God's daughter;
I love my neighbors as if they were myself ...
because like Jesus I am a son of man or daughter of man.

Only this self-awareness leads to consciousness of the universal spirit.
The core of spirituology.

An image often says more than hundreds of words ...

The Supreme Himself leads you out of the darkness
to the healing light.
Wisdom of Jesus Sirach 17:26
(source: New Bible translation)

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