1. The human spirit
Part 1 is about the human spirit and describes the spiritual properties that can be experienced in the spiritual world: spiritual light and spiritual warmth. With that light and that warmth the spiritual abilities are related: to observe, to think, to feel and to want.

2. Spirit, soul and body
Part 2 is about the relationship between spirit, soul and body. The spirit as the conscious force of life is the core. The spirit can work within itself by means of its spiritual abilities. By this activity, the spirit emanates a radiance around itself, a formable space: the soul.
Certain parts of the soul have been formed as the spirit form that has the human form. This spirit form can hold on to matter, which makes the spirit form visible in this material world as the fysical body.

3. The spiritual initial state
In part 3 it concerns the initial state of mental development, the condition of the youth. This is a state of narrowing of consciousness wich is caused by the fact that the spirit, the living one, is being connected with the opposite of itself, the lifeless matter, the substance of the body. This results in a state of unconscious identification with the body and this temporary existence, so that there is a real belief that this is all there is.
In some areas of existence this can lead to the state of conscious identification, a state of attachment to this existence. In that state you make a more or less unconscious and uncontrolled use of your mental abilities.
One of the abilities usually is emphasized in your personality and with that you can also identify yourself. This creates the onesided identification with one of the mental abilities, making the opposite of that ability the weak side in your personality.
This initial state may be the cause, that your spiritual development does not get going on or is inhibited, if you want to.

4. The spiritual development
In part 4 it concerns the spiritual development. You can become aware of this inhibitory initial state of affairs and try to free yourself from it. In order to achieve that goal, you have to use your abilities consciously and in a controlled manner, making you more and more realizing yourself.
Slowly but surely, your abilities will be expressed in your behavior as the consiousness and the virtues: the abilities in their developed state.

5. The spiritual reunification
In part 5 it concerns the spiritual reunification. If you have become completely yourself by self-realization, then you will desire to reunite with your spiritual origin. The means to do this is the exercise of self-reflection, the reflection on yourself as being a spirit.
By self-realization and self-reflection, your state of mind becomes more and more in line with that of your spiritual origin, the divine, universal spirit. Thus you will eventually be able to reunite with it.

6. The spiritual origin
In part 6 the characteristics of our spiritual origin are discussed. The origin of the human spirit is a unity of opposites. For example, there is an unformed primal state, which is the universal spirit, and there is a formed state, in which the universal spirit appears to man as a spirit form, which has the human form.

7. The summary of spirituology
In part 7, finally, there is a summary of spirituology.

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