Wisdom of Jezus Sirach

From the Book of Wisdom 13:1-9

The writer of the Bible book of Wisdom states that we can come to the recognition of a personal God from the artwork of creation. Progress has indeed brought the best practitioners of science that far. Our task towards the world is increasingly seen as a gift and a task.

He who does not know about God is a born fool. Such people are not even able to know the Being from all good things they see, or to see the maker in what He has made.
Instead, they see fire or wind, or a gust of wind, a star circle, boisterous water or luminaries for gods who rule the world.
If they, enraptured by their beauty, already elevated these things to gods, they should have realized how much He reigns over all these things, beyond them. Everything has been made by the creator of beauty.
And when they are amazed at the power and the effect of those things, they should have learned from it how great the power is of Him who has made them.
From the greatness and beauty of creation, after all, it is possible to deduce who the creator is.
Yet these people should not be judged too harshly, for they may wander while seeking God and find Him.
They are so engrossed in studying what He has made that they let themselves be carried away by the looks, so beautiful is everything that can be seen.
Nevertheless, they are not to be plead free: if they have the power to acquire so much knowledge that they can scrutinize the world, wouldnot they had long since found Him who rules all these things?

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Source: Daily Bible quote

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